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Indoor Bounce House Rentals in OKC

Indoor Bounce House Oklahoma City

Bounce houses are an immensely popular addition to any event. They provide a safe and fun activity for kids and adults alike. They can be utilized in a variety of settings which would include indoor events. A variety of companies offer bounce house rentals in the Oklahoma City metro area so finding the right one for an event should be a breeze.

Indoors? Consider This…

If planning to hold an event indoors is it important to take note of the size of a venue. Even the smallest of bounce houses are large in size and take up considerable space so making sure the structure can fit is first on the list.

If a rental has been secured, the next step is to make sure an area is cleaned and free of debris. A dirty, dusty floor such as an uncleaned gymnasium can provide surface for an inflatable structure to rest on. The structure could possibly move and cause injury to participants. Also, if the area is not free of debris, the risk of puncturing the structure is present. Although most bounce houses are built to withstand structural failure following a puncture, creating any kind of complication is not advised.

Furthermore, it is important to make sure that any openings to the bounce house are not close to walls in the unlikely event of a participant’s ejection from the structure.

Other things to consider when renting a bounce house:

  • Condition – Make sure an inflatable structure is in sound working condition to minimize the risk of injury or in the worst case, death. Issues such as netting holes and structure punctures can present these possibilities.
  • Sanitation – Since most bounce houses available for rent are in used condition, it is important to assess a company’s sanitation and cleaning standards for their equipment.
  • Insurance – Many companies offer insurance with their rentals. Take advantage of this as it is important.

Numerous Benefits

Bounce Houses hold many benefits including health and even therapeutic. Chiefly, a bounce house offers a safe, supervised way for children to enjoy endless fun while expending some energy in the process. For parents this presents a stress free way for their kids to play.

As far as health benefits, when jumping continuously, a moderate cardiovascular workout is provided along with a leg muscle workout. Extended periods of use can benefit a child’s stamina, endurance and strength. It is so much fun that kids don’t even know they are secretly exercising. Furthermore, studies have suggested that bounce houses can have therapeutic effects for children with sensory impairments.

A Style for All

Bounce houses come in innumerable shapes, sizes and designs. There is a style that can fit any event. Different designs include dual-lane obstacle courses, competitive activities (such as jousting or bungee run), both wet and dry slides, and combination designs that include both the traditional style with added slides.

Bounce houses can be great for any indoor event in Oklahoma City but it imperative to ensure the environment is ideal. If done right, it can be a hit with both children and adults.






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