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Few events in Oklahoma City are complete without a bounce house. They are perfect for spicing up a number of occasions including, but not limited to, birthday parties, school and church fundraisers, various other social events and even corporate team building. They are a safe play option and offer numerous health benefits while maintaining affordable rental rates. Numerous companies serve the OKC metro area and offer competitive pricing structures. Make sure to do some shopping to find out what might work for you.

The structures are built from durable materials like vinyl, nylon and strong PVC to ensure the they can endure the stress of repeated bouncing without being compromised. Furthermore, the structures are kept partially inflated by a continuous pump in order to minimize issue from punctures.


The benefits of a bounce house are abundant but chief among them is the fact that they offer endless entertainment. As most can attest, children seem to have boundless reserves of energy and can play for what appears like days. Bounce houses act as a magnet for children’s energy. If you have ever seen one, there often is a lineup of kids waiting to experience its bouncy fun. Kids will spend almost all of their time in one if they can help it. Renting a bounce house for any event that may include children is a sure-fire hit.

Not only will kids be entertained for hours, they will be in only one place for hours. This can give parents piece of mind as they’ll know exactly where to find their young one. Furthermore, bounce houses offer various health benefits. They provide a moderate cardiovascular workout and strengthen leg muscles, all under the guise of play – kids don’t even know they are exercising. Additionally, it has been suggested that bounce houses can have therapeutic value for children with particular sensory impairments.

Although it may seem like it, bounce houses are not just for kids. They can offer an incredibly fun team building experience for businesses and adult sports teams. Just leave the food and alcohol until after as the three together don’t present a good mix.

Types for Any Occasion

Bounce houses can come in various sizes, shapes and styles, each offering their own benefits. The most common model is the classic enclosed style. Usually shaped like a square of rectangle, they typically offer one enclosed space (sometimes two) for bouncing and general play. Other styles have been added to the repertoire in recent decades as pump and fabric technology have advanced. Designs now include two-track obstacle courses in which participants can compete against one another. The obstacle course model can be preferable at large gatherings since participants are usually in and out quick. Some models can feature a specific competition activity such as a bungee run or jousting. Other models come in the form of giant slides – dry for any occasion or wet for hot Oklahoma summer days. No matter the event, there is a bounce house that can fit its needs.






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Bounce House Rentals OKC